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If you’re using fuel oil to heat your home, you might be surprised to learn just how smart a switch to propane would be. An immediate benefit is seeing your price per gallon drop substantially, and you’ll use much less fuel to keep your home warm and toasty. The equipment and maintenance is also cheaper, and new propane furnaces are 20-30% more efficient than comparable oil heat models. This increased energy efficiency adds up to big savings!

Clean and Green

Money isn’t the only green thing you’ll be saving with a switch to propane. Using propane reduces greenhouse gas emissions and air pollutants such as carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide. So much so, that propane was deemed an approved clean fuel in the 1990 Clean Air Act Amendments.

The environmental consequences of a fuel oil spill can be devastating to the ecosystem and ground-water supply. Heating oil leaks or spills can lead to thousands of dollars in cleanup costs. Propane is nontoxic, and does not contaminate soil or water. Substituting propane for other fuels such as gasoline, diesel, and fuel oil is an economical and viable step toward cleaner air.


Propane is also much more versatile than heating oil. It can be used for many more applications in your household—from central heat and hot water to cooking, generators, fireplaces, pool heaters, and even cars, school buses, and lawnmowers!

Reliable and Made in the U.S.A.

Virtually all the propane used in the U.S. is produced in America, which means every gallon you use supports America’s energy independence, and keeps jobs here locally. Having a propane tank on your property gives you the ability to store an adequate supply that’s always ready for immediate use and you aren’t subject to power outages or pipeline issues.


Retire heating oil before it quits!

Don’t wait until your current heating oil system decides to quit on you. Give the Beck team a call now. We’ll help plan your old system’s retirement, and start the discussion about your new, economically and environmentally friendly propane home. Contact us for a free in-home or business consultation.

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