Propane for Your Business

Restaurants, hotels, truck and lawnmower fleets, farms, offices, and warehouses are among the many businesses in Ohio that rely on propane. Propane is one of the most economical sources of heat for large warehouses and factories, and because of its low, nontoxic emissions, propane is also the fuel of choice for powering indoor forklifts, torches and welding equipment. It is also the best choice for backup generators because it does not deteriorate over time (like gasoline or fuel oil), and doesn’t gel up in winter (like diesel).

It’s used as an emergency fuel in disaster areas and where electrical service is intermittent or prone to interruption. When you can’t afford to shut down your business, propane is the back-up you need. If you’re looking for any of the following, contact Beck Suppliers today and ask about our commercial and industrial fuel discounts

Lower Costs
Today’s propane-powered equipment is efficient and competitively priced.
Fewer Emissions
Compared with other fuels, propane is a cleaner, more efficient way to fuel farms and businesses.
Newer, Reliable Technology
Today’s equipment provides reduced maintenance and down-time.
No need to access natural gas lines or run new electric; no rolling blackouts or surcharges for time of use.
Abundant Supply Made in the U.S.
Propane is made in America, and our country has an abundance of supply.

Vehicles, Lawnmowers, and Forklifts, oh my!

More than 60% of alternative-fueled vehicles nationwide run on propane autogas including school buses, trucks, police vehicles, forklifts, lawnmowers, and farm tractors. Propane autogas is the third most popular vehicle fuel, next to gasoline and diesel. Many vehicle manufacturers now make bi-fuel (or dual-fuel) models that run equally well on either propane autogas or gasoline, and more and more school districts are now insisting on propane autogas buses to protect the safety of their students and communities. Propane-powered mowers help farmers and landscape contractors save money on fuel, lower emissions, and decrease downtime.


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