Clean, Reliable, Affordable American Energy

Think of all the comforts you love about your home: relaxing in front of the fire, a deliciously hot shower first thing in the morning, the smell of dinner on the stove, or pulling a warm blanket out of the dryer. When you use propane appliances throughout your home, you can give your family even greater comfort—from endless hot water to softer clothing, and cozier heat on cold winter days. And, you’ll save lots of money which will make you love your home even more!

Almost all of the propane we use in the United States is made right here in America. That means propane is a fuel that supports American jobs and that every gallon we use contributes to our energy independence. Because it’s also safe, cost-efficient, and reduces carbon emissions, propane is the most widely used alternative fuel in American homes today. More than 48 million households in the U.S. use propane, and that number is growing every day!


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