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Use propane at home and enjoy greater efficiency and energy savings compared to electricity, fuel oil or even natural gas. Propane is an efficient, clean, and safe fuel that is exceptionally versatile.

More and more Ohio homeowners are choosing propane to keep their families warm, their showers hot, their food scrumptiously prepared, and their clothes comfy dry.

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Propane gas is the #1 alternative fuel for comfortable, efficient homes today. It is clean, affordable, safe, reliable—and is produced right here in America. It is the most versatile and portable of any other fuel available today—bar none.

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Propane is the cleanest
burning fuel.



It is the most versatile and portable of any other fuel available today—bar none.

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It is clean, affordable, safe, reliable and is produced right here in America.

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Studies show that the more propane appliances you have in your home - the more money you save.


  • Efficient and Money Saving

    Propane appliances are highly efficient. This, coupled with lower emissions, means you are reducing your energy bills and your carbon footprint! Propane appliances can save you hundreds, and potentially thousands of dollars in annual energy costs. Propane itself is abundant, and competitively priced compared to electricity, heating oil, and other fuels. Everyone wants to cut energy costs; propane helps you do it.

  • Comfort

    Propane delivers more comfort and value than either fuel oil or electric heating options, heats water and dries clothes up to 2 times faster, and is preferred by 96% of professional chefs for cooking.

  • Safety

    The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) enforces strict rules about propane handling, so few accidents occur. Propane is also nontoxic so tanks can be safely installed underground and won’t contaminate soil or groundwater. On top of that, Beck Suppliers requires all employees to participate in a nationally-recognized certification program and ensures that our delivery drivers are best in class in safety and courtesy.

  • Clean and Green

    Using propane reduces greenhouse gas emissions and air pollutants such as carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide. So much so, that propane was deemed an approved clean fuel in the 1990 Clean Air Act amendments. Substituting propane for other fuels such as gasoline, diesel, and fuel oil is an economical and viable step toward cleaner air.

  • Versatility

    Did you know that propane can do more than any other fuel source and go anywhere it’s needed? It’s true! Propane heats homes, is used in traditional and tankless water heaters, cooktops and ovens, fireplaces, pool and patio heaters, power generators, crop driers, flame cultivation, and fuels lawn mowers, tractors, trucks, school buses, and cars. Propane is truly the power house of the energy world.

  • Reliable and Made in the U.S.A.

    Virtually all the propane used in the U.S. is produced in America, which means every gallon you use supports America’s energy independence, and keeps jobs here locally. Having a propane tank on your property gives you the ability to store an adequate supply that’s always ready for immediate use and you aren’t subject to power outages or pipeline issues.

  • Community

    The best part of getting your propane from Beck Suppliers? We’re your neighbors! We live and work in the community, our kids go to school here, and we just might see you at the grocery store or in church. Don’t settle for faceless, detached service as an invisible customer—choose a local supplier that is friendly, competitive, professional, safe, and fair. The Beck team cares about our communities and the neighbors we serve!

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Start saving on propane and fuel while enjoying prompt, professional service. Thousands of happy customers have switched to Beck Propane & Fuels during our 70+ years in business. We make switching simple!

At Beck Propane & Fuels, we’re committed to making sure you enjoy uninterrupted, dependable service. Switching is easy, because we’re always here for you.

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